Anneke van Breemen

Personal details

Hasselaarlaan 7
3755 AV Eemnes
the Netherlands


Working experience

  • Docent (micro)biologie
  • Laboratoriumopleiding Amsterdam (tot 2009)


  • Doctoraal biologie UVA
  • Diverse cursussen en workshops Botanisch tekenen bij: Wil Wessel, Jenny Post, Gerda van den Berg, Anita Walsmit-Sachs, Sue Vize, Ann Swan


Coloured pencil, graphite, pen and ink


Studying the plant that precedes the making of a botanical drawing always yields unexpected and special details, both macroscopic (visible to the naked eye) and microscopic. This makes you increasingly aware of how beautiful plants are and how wonderfully beautiful nature is. Each plant species has its own niceties. I would like to show these details in a botanical drawing.
Drawing is a pleasant, relaxing activity. I hope that the peace and tranquility can also be seen in the drawings.
Motto: When you draw you see more.