Dick Smit

Personal details

Richterslaan 14-14
3441 AK Nieuwegein

Home phone: 030-603 7608
E-mail: dick-smit.tek@kpnmail.nl
Website: www.dick-smit.nl

Born: Utrecht, 1937


Academie Artibus, Esthetische vorming and Academie
voor Beeldende Kunst in Utrecht, specialisation in Publicity. Applicationcourse illustrate. Several courses photography and audio-visual (by Utrecht University). Recently masterclasses thought by Anita Walsmit Sachs, Anne-Marie Evans, and Elaine Searle.

Working experience

From 1964 till 1998 working at University of Utrecht at several institutes of the faculty of Biology; Genetics, Population and Evolution Biology, Molecular Biology, Botanical Gardens. The last 10 years working as head Design (now Dept Biology, Sciencefaculty).

From 1975 till 1990 teacher at the Ghijssen Institute for evening classes in communication/presentation techniques.

As a freelance artist I have illustrated the column ‘Over Groei en Bloei gesproken’ in the magazine from the Royal Society for Horticulture and Botany in The Hague for a decade, and several books about gardening (for Groenboekerij from publishing-firm Zomer en Keuning among others).

But also illustrated ideological works and religiously slanted works for Landelijk Dienstencentrum van de Prot. Kerken Nederland.


From 1998 till 2005 member of Kunstenaarscentrum
Nieuwegein, participating in the ballotingcommittee.
Member of the Slovenian Exlibrissociety ‘Drustvo Exlibris Slovenie’.


Working preferably in water colour.


I have been drawing and painting flowers, plants and biological subjects all my life with much pleasure, and I am enjoying nature, also whilst working.



Sauromatum venosum