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Syringa vulgaris, Anita Walsmit Sachs

This is the website of the Dutch Society of Botanical Artists. Here you can find information on the history of the society, membership, exhibitions, and upcoming events. You can also enjoy our members artwork.

Anita Walsmit Sachs saw a decrease in the number of professional botanical artists when she was head of the art department at the Herbarium of Leiden University and feared for the continuity of this profession. She started offering courses in botanical drawing and watercolour at the Herbarium in Leiden in 1996. These courses were very well received, with participation of enthusiastic professional and non-professional artists alike from all over the country.

The Dutch Society of Botanical Artists was founded at the 12th of April 2006 by a small number of people with a keen interest in botanical drawing and watercolour. Much progress has been achieved since then and many initiatives have been undertaken to realise our goals:

  1. provide information about botanical art and make this beautiful profession known to a wide public;
  2. bring together botanical artists, illustrators and
  3. anyone interested in botanical art and improve the quality of botanical art in the Netherlands.
Acanthus, Jacomien van Andel

Acanthus, Jacomien van Andel

Examples of our activities are organising exhibitions, lectures and workshops, in addition to our newsletter and this website. Articles about the Society or about individual artists appear regularly in magazines. More information on these subjects can be found in the sections ‘Exhibitions’ and ‘Courses’.

The Society aims for high quality botanical drawing and painting, and facilitates this by offering a wide range of courses, from beginners-level to master classes. Besides the courses, much attention is given to the improvement of members work-in-progress by the organisation of work discussions for specific projects. The Society organises a yearly course with well-known instructor from abroad, like Valery Oxley (2009), Anne-Marie Evans (2010, 2012 and 2016), Elaine Searle (2011), Jennifer Philips (2013), Helen Allen (2014 and 2016), Beverly Allen (2017) en Fiona Strickland (2018), teachers from England, Australia and Scotland.

The founders

The Dutch Society of Botanical Artists is founded by Anita Walsmit Sachs, Jacomien van Andel, Ria van Elk, Sigrid Frensen, Margriet Honingh, Hanneke Jelles and Jan van Os.

The Board

Function Name E-mailadress
Chairman Ellen Riemens voorzitter@botanischkunstenaarsnederland.nl
Secretary Martine Oosterom secretaris@botanischkunstenaarsnederland.nl
Treasurer Marloes Vreeburg penningmeester@botanischkunstenaarsnederland.nl
Jacqueline Kok

Honorary Members of the Dutch Society of Botanical Artists

Anne-Marie Evans, Jacomien van Andel-Tromp and Anita Walsmit Sachs

Committee of recommendation

Mrs. Hanneke van Dijk Author of plant books
Mr. Paul Kessler Director Hortus botanicus Leiden
Mr. Bob Ursem Director Botanic garden Delft
Paulonia tomentosa, Wil Wessel

Paulownia tomentosa, Wil Wessel

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association are available as a pdf-file:

Articles of Association of the Dutch Society of Botanical Artists.