Eline Hoogendijk

Personal details

Middelburgseweg 73
2771 NH Boskoop
the Netherlands

Phone: 06 8598 9896
E-mail: info@elinehoogendijk.nl
Website: www.elinehoogendijk.nl

Working experience

Since 2006 guest employee at Hortus Botanicus Leiden. I am mainly involved in the research and scientific drawing of new orchids from South-East Asia and in particular from Papua in collaboration with Ed de Vogel.

Since 2020 I have stopped my own company and now focus entirely on drawing and painting.


  • Huis te Lande Rijswijk, studying Garden design
  • HES, Den Haag
  • Several drawing courses taught by Anita Walsmit-Sachs
  • Workshops by Valerie Oxley and Anne-Marie Evans
  • Scientific drawing taught by Dr. J.J. Vermeulen (former Chief Taxonony Orchids Leiden Biodiversity Center)


Pencil, pen and ink, watercolour and oil.