Els Hazenberg-Meertens

Personal details

Clematisstraat 43
1431 SE Aalsmeer
the Netherlands
E-mail: els.hazenberg@hetnet.nl


  • Middelbare Tuinbouwschool “Huis te Lande” Rijswijk
  • Vakopleiding Bloemsierkunst
  • Courses botanical drawing and painting by Anita Walsmit Sachs, Inez Merhottein,
    Valerie Oxley, Elaine Searle and Anne-Marie Evans
  • Personal drawing lessons by Ria Rugge


Pencil, coloured pencil, pen and ink, water colour


After a busy life as flower arranger at big events like exhibitions and flower parades, and as teacher flower arrangement with giving demonstrations and workshops in the Netherlands and abroad, I have, since 2013, more time for hobby drawing.

Already as a child I showed much interest in nature and spent a lot of time outdoors.  Education in horticulture was the right choice for me. As a flower arranger, I have worked intensively with colour, shape, line, texture and 3D design. I enjoy immensely transferring these elements to paper with much detail.