Giuliana Gallo Patti

Personal details

City: Voorschoten
Date and place of birth:
1956 Portoferraio (Elba), Italie


  • BSc (Hons) Bachelor of Science degree (Honours)

Started with botanical drawing in 2007 (“Tekenen naar de Natuur” from Ina Versteeg)
Followed since then several courses and workshop in the Netherlands and abroad:

  • Course “Fundamental Graphite Drawing”, September 2011, Katie Lee, English Gardening School, London
  • Course “Introduction to Botanical Painting”, November 2011, Anne-Marie Evans, English
    Gardening School, London
  • Courses “Botanisch tekenen en schilderen”, Hortus Atelier Leiden, given by Anita Walsmit-Sachs (2011 -2015)
  • Workshops from: Elaine Searle, Martin Allen, Katie Lee, Helen Allen, Sue Vize
  • Masterclasses from: Christobel King en Rosie Sanders


  • Full member of Dutch Society of Botanical Artists
  • Member of Society of Botanical Artists America


Water colour, pencil and coloured pencil


Growing up on the Island of Elba in Italy, I was fascinated by the plants that my Grandmother grew in her garden and the fragrant flowers of the Mediterranean maquis.
My childhood interest in nature continued to grow in the Netherlands, the country where I now live and where I first approached botanical painting and began to study the different techniques to truthfully represent the plant world.

I love botanical art because it is much more that just making a beautiful drawing or a painting. Nowadays it is normal to see pictures of plants and flowers, we are so used to them that it’s easy to forget how long and difficult the process of creating an artwork with real botanical content actually is. Although it is a long process, it is also an experience that never ceases to amaze me.

In today’s increasingly technological world, the practice of observation, research, drawing and painting of plants, is furthermore a way for me to come closer to nature, see how vulnerable it is, and recognize the immense need there is to respect and protect it.

In the words of Leonardo da Vinci in “Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind”:

“Study the science of art,
study the art of science.
Develop your senses,
learn especially how to see.
Realize that everything connects to everything else.”