Jacomien van Andel-Tromp

Personal details

Jagtlustkade 7
2171 AG Sassenheim
the Netherlands

Phone: 0252 216773
E-mail: jacvanandel@planet.nl
Website: www.jacomienvanandel.nl
Date and place of Birth: 1950, Haarlem


  • Amsterdam Akte NXX
  • Orthopedagogiek Universiteit Leiden
  • Sassenheim Vrije Academie Dever:
    algemene technieken, aquarel, etsen
  • Leiden Hortus Atelier: botanical drawing
  • Courses by Anita Walsmit Sachs, Inez Merhottein,
    Nel Stam, Anne-Marie Evans and Valerie Oxley,
    Elaine Searle, Jennifer Phillips and Helen Allen
  • Botanical artist since 2004


Full member of the Dutch Society of Botanical Artists


Pencil, ink and watercolour


I have been drawing all my life. I grew up in a family where there time and attention for art. Many family members have been drawing and/or painting as a hobby or as a profession. In 2002 I met Anita Walsmit Sachs, who organised botanical drawing courses in the botanical gardens in Leiden. I followed a number of courses and felt right at home with this kind of art. Botanical drawing requires patience and time. That appeals to me. In addition I like plants and flowers. They are an ongoing source of inspiration. I have a preferrence for drawing and painting with much detail, with attention to the fascinating beauty of an individual plant.