Jan van der Kamp

Personal details

E-mail: jan.vanderkamp@xs4all.nl
Website: www.janvanderkamp.eu


  • 2010 Marsterclasses March, June and September by Anita Walsmit Sachs.
  • 2009 Hortus Leiden, Botanical drawing and painting, autumn leaves.
  • 2005, 06 Hortus Leiden, Botanical drawing and painting.
  • 1982-’83 Vrije Academie Den Haag.
  • 1985 Lerarenopleiding LV Bloemschikken, Den Bosch.
  • 1974 Meesteropleiding Bloemsierkunst, Utrecht.
  • 1971 Vakopleiding Bloemschikken, Aalsmeer.
  • 1969 Rijks Middelbare Tuinbouwschool, Aalsmeer.


Full member of the Dutch Society of Botanical Artists.


Water colour, graphite.


A life without flowers is imaginable. As a florist, and later as a lecturer, I was able to develop myself in mastering shapes and colours. Paying attention to minute details satisfies me. As a lecturer in flower arranging I have written several books on plants and flowers, the latest being “Handbook of Dutch Flower Arranging” illustrated with my own drawings.
My love for botanical painting has developed over the last 12 years, following drawing courses with Anita Walsmit Sachs.