Janneke van Laar-Huijser

Personal details

E-mail: jannekevanlaar@planet.nl
Website: www.jannekevanlaar-huijser.nl


  • Anita Walsmit Sachs, Hortus atelier, Leiden
  • Mariëlle Baldwin, West Dean college, England
  • Elaine Searle, Il Collaccio, Italy
  • Helen Allen, masterclass, Hortus atelier, Leiden
  • Anne-Marie Evans, de Zwarte Tulp, Lisse
    Elaine Searle, Il Collaccio , Italy
    Anne-Marie Evans, Elba, Italy


  • Full Member of the Dutch Society of Botanical Artists


My interest in wild flowers started when I received my first Dutch Flora for my birthday as a youngster. From that moment I started naming the plants I found, and when I became older I also started drawing them.

Nowadays I observe the plants in my surroundings. Looking becomes seeing. It remains fascinating to confide once findings onto paper.