Marionne van de Klashorst

Personal details

Braamkamp 193
7206 HJ Zutphen

Mobile: 06 52 72 3770


  • Biologie, Universiteit Utrecht (botanische ecologie,
    ethologie, beleidsgerichte biologie, didaktiek).
  • In de periode 1984-1998 jaarlijks cursussen aquarelleren,
    portrettekenen, olieverf en boetseren/beeldhouwen,
    bij Artibus te Utrecht en bij een centrum voor
    Kunstzinnige Vorming te Zutphen.
  • Serveral Courses Botanical drawing/painting in
    Hortus Botanicus Leiden taught by Anita Walsmit Sachs
  • Masterclass Composition, May 2012
    taught by Anne-Marie Evans
  • Masterclass Tonal values, May 2013
    taught by Jenny Philips
  • Masterclass ‘Extreme Lumps & Bumps’,
    September 2014 taught by Helen Allen
  • Online course Botanical Painting on Vellum taught by Dianne Sutherland (2016-2018)
  • Masterclass ‘Dry Brush techniques’, May 2018 taught by Fiona Strickland
  • Masterclass, May 2019 taught by Beverly Allen
  • Masterclass ‘Color & Light’, June 2019 taught by Beverly Allen
  • Scientific Illustrion Course, Juni 2019 taught by Anita Walsmit Sachs


Full member of the Dutch Society of Botanical Artists


Water colour, coloured pencil, graphite and pen & ink


When drawing and painting plants faithfully, it is important to me that the plant (or part of it) shows itself on paper as much as possible as the plant appears in its habitat (nature or garden). Not only scientifically correct so that you can recognize the species, but as it were ‘alive’ and ecologically correct. So budding, hanging, crawling or upright, in bloom, loaded with fruits or dying. As a draftsman I try to express what I experience, such as a strong branch, a flexible stalk, the flesh of a bulb, a delicate petal, dewy berry, sharp spine, felty stalk, dry seed box. To make those properties, shapes and structures visible, I try to capture the effects of a specific light fall and colors of that with paint or pencil on paper. Transferring the beauty of all deep details, that is the art.

Since 2013 I have been giving various courses and workshops in botanical drawing and painting with great pleasure every year. In the courses you learn all kinds of painting and technical aspects that are important for botanical drawing. From making a good drawing, a little botany, learning to apply the tonal values, to mixing colors with colored pencil or paint. Look for my annual program on my website.