Monique Lefferts

Personal details

Place of residence: Vught, The Netherlands


Tutor Fontys Teacher Training Colleges for Primary and Secondary Education ,Eindhoven and Tilburg
Language Learning Practice


  • MA in English Language and Literature, minors History of Art and Musicology, University of Amsterdam
  • Botanical illustration courses: Dick Smit, Wil Wessel, Jenny Post, Elaine Searle, Gerda van den Berg, Ann Swan, Dianne Sutherland


  • Full Member Dutch Society of Botanical Artists


Graphite and coloured pencil, often in combination with ink and watercolour


When you have a passion for art, the beauties of nature and gardens, when you are ‘a plantswoman’, you are bound to come across botanical art. You look at old and new images in books, you see original work in museums and you read about botany. And when you are really lucky, like me, you encounter a botanical artist who is peacefully working in a garden that is open to the public. For me, that was the moment I thought ‘I want to learn that’, how wonderful to be able to draw like that! I enrolled for my first botanical illustration course and have never looked back since. Full of enthusiasm I have drawn bulbs, rhizomes, flowers, leafs, rootsystems and fruit. Making botanical illustrations forces you to study your subject closely and to work with great precision. The concentration this demands can be both strenuous and relaxing, an inspiring way to look at plants.