Ria van Elk

Personal details

Molenstraat 6
6602 BS Wijchen
the Netherlands

Phone: 024-6453670
Fax: 024-6453774
E-mail: ria@riavanelk.nl
Website: www.riavanelk.nl


  • Hortus Atelier Leiden: botanical drawing and painting taught by Anita Walsmit Sachs and Inez Merhottein.
  • Botanical painting course taught by Anne-Marie Evans.

My work is held in the Collection of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation.


Water colour, pencil


Drawing with much detail always had my interest. One of my hobbies was to retouch photo materials, in which accuracy and creativity were most important. Since my introduction to botanical art, I fully focus on drawing and painting flowers and plants. With lots of attention for details and artistic compositions.